Development Process

Partnering with clients is the catalyst to business expansion

The development process employed is agile and dynamic, allowing for prompt feedback throughout to maintain stakeholder support and allow for midstream changes to be factored into the resulting product.

a High level Requirements Analysis and Architecture Modeling
are done early on in the process. This involves partnering with the client to develop a shared understanding of the usage models required and help them understand what possibilities exist for applying current open source frameworks to their business. This planning enables efficiency improvements, automating business processes, and expanding their business. This phase involves brainstorming, model storming, architecture planning, and market research to understand how to apply leading open source technologies to the task at hand.
b Mockups are used as basic models to ensure expectations are the same between stakeholders and developers
throughout the development process as they can quickly be constructed and changed during model storming sessions. Milestone deliverables are always tied to measurable and testable results, and Test Driven Development is employed throughout the Software Product Development Lifecycle. After each milestone is complete, the next set of deliverables are prioritized and tied to specific tests. This frequent testing allows for a dynamic process that can be adjusted as the final product unfolds.

Leading edge development and close partnerships with stakeholders results in consistently successful projects


“Very enjoyable to work with. Provided insight to the issues and the repair process. Quick response and follow through. Will work with again.”


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