Our solutions

Market & Competitive Intelligence

Being on the bleeding edge of technology provides us a pulse of what is happening in the development world and what new tools are being used by developers around the world to address business challenges. We can help you fit modern technical solutions to your business challenges to gain the edge over your competition.

Innovation & Technology Management

Need help managing your onshore and offshore development resources? We have several years of experience managing/influencing/collaborating with developers from all over the world. Let us help you break down the barriers to progress in your projects.

Manufacturing & Process Data Analysis

The amount of data available to analyze for any process has increased exponentially over the years, and the need for speed in producing useful information from the data has gone up as well. Let us help you make sense of your data in real time!

Offering comprehensive projects

Performance improvement

Whether it's database/software/server performance or developer performance that needs to be improved we can help. We've implemented changes in application software, database architecture, and server resource management to increase performance from a software perspective. We also have worked with development teams around the globe to breakdown communication barriers and enable smoother development from a human resource perspective.

Advisory solutions

In an advisory role we have acted as advocates for stakeholders to manage server resources and provide development teams appropriate secured access, as well as fielding technical questions from the developers about the production environment along the way.

Saving solutions

Simply by making efficient choices in database design, open source framework utilization, and the usage of server resources, software application and hosting cost savings are realized by many of our clients.